Noida, Uttar Pradesh


Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

The Department of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation at JKR Multispecialty Hospital is dedicated to enhancing and restoring the quality of life and functional ability of patients with physical disabilities or impairments that affect the spinal cord, nerves, brain, bones, ligaments, joints, muscles, and tendons. The objective of physiatry is to minimise obstacles to patients' independence so that they may lead a more independent life.

JKR Multispecialty Hospital, Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Centre in Noida host equipment and facilities that are suitable for treating patients who are in need of rehabilitation. In order to retrain lost skills, we have designed a safe, easy-to-use system in which learners can easily learn.As far as universal construction and design standards are concerned, our rehabilitation medicine services adhere to all relevant standards in the country.

The hospital is accessible to wheelchair users in all areas including dining rooms, therapy areas, wards, and toilets.To ensure that people with disabilities can move around freely and safely, all corridors, stairs, bathrooms, and ramps have handholds and rails. We allocate private spaces to patients and their families when they are not receiving treatment. Moreover, a meeting room is available for case conferences or family meetings.