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To bring healthcare of International standards to this region, to evolve as a premier hospital in the country and to touch the lives of the people we serve through excellence in clinical care, quality, commitment and world class health care facilities within in a concised infrastructure making the healthcare more accessible and affordable to all.

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We at JKR Multispecialty Hospital provides all major medical and surgical services are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. JKR Multispecialty Hospital as center of excellence is well equipped with state of the art laboratory and medical equipment and 100 Beded Hospital. Our medical team comprises of highly qualified consultants, physicians, surgeons, anesthetists, medical technicians and well trained nursing staff. We at JKR Multispecialty Hospital provide a complete range of latest diagnostic, medical and surgical facilities for the care of its patients. Our dedicated team of health care professionals is committed to give each patient the best care.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver high quality, affordable healthcare services to the broader population in India. Our core values are represented by the acronym “iCare”, which encompasses innovation and efficiency, Compassionate care, Accountability, Respect for all, and Excellence as a culture.

Our Vision

To provide each patient with world-class care, exceptional services and compassion we want for our loved ones.

Your Health is Our Priority

Making your health a priority forever, and possibly making yourself a true health enthusiast, is about creating sustainable habits that you can fall back on when things get tough.

Our Qualified Doctors

Our doctors are qualified to take care of frustrated, depressed, and scared patients without losing their cool. We see them as cooling agents they can run to when things heat up with their health.

Dr. Hashmukh

General Surgeon

Dr. Pragati


Dr. Hiren Shah


Dr. Yogendra

Neuro Surgeon

Dr. Shaishav Shah

Spine Surgeon

Dr. Jinesh


Dr. Jignesh Prajapati


Dr. Mehul


Dr. Ankur

Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Vishal Pawar

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Hashmukh Ghadhavi

General Surgeon

Dr. Keyur Prajapati

Neuro Surgeon
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